Choke Cables

Choke Cables

Silco Cables offer best quality choke cables which are manufactured as per OEM specifications, 100% load tested and all materials have been certified to ensure they meet the required specification.

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Universal Choke Cables

Most of you or, in fact, every bike owner at some point must have experienced the difficulty of starting the bike in the morning, very frequently in winters. The reason is the cold engine. All the bikers must be very well aware of what the solution is. Warm the bike or precisely the engine and bring the motorcycle to the operating temperature using the choke. When we pull the choke, extra fuel required to heat the engine enters the system and the bike starts. The primary purpose is increasing the fuel supply and decreasing the air supply, unlike throttle cable as the purpose seems the same. Throttle cable allows both air and fuel which is not required. This was an overview and let’s understand this mechanism and the importance of excellent and high-quality choke cables in bikes.

Motorcycle chokes are a mandatory feature of all the carbureted motorcycles or two-wheelers. They are push or push levers attached to the carburetor, directly or it will be set on the handlebar and will be attached with a carburetor using a cable called manual choke cable. Their exact spot in the motorcycle is in the middle of the air intake from the air filter and venturi (it is there in the carburetor). The shape of the Universal choke cables is like a butterfly. When it is pulled by the rider, it blocks the air passage from both sides by rotating.

To let this feature of your motorcycle effectively and efficiently work, it is important that the choke cable responsible for this mechanism supports the process. It is critical, in that matter, the choke cable in the motorcycle is of high-quality and durable. Well, you can buy cables manufactured using the tested and high-quality raw materials and involving the advanced technology from Silco. For every cable and wire in your vehicle, Silco is the solution. Our very hardworking team of professionals work day and night to reach the company’s goals and the demand of the customers.

Quick Glance at the USP of Silco Cables

  • Friction Free Technology
  • Pre-lubricated with 1000 Grade Silicon Oil
  • Smoother Performance in Tough Conditions
  • Inner Wires- High Tensile Strength
  • Smearing Process (Greasing) to Enhance Performance of Speedometer Cables
  • Fitment Accuracy
  • Excellent Packaging Quality
  • Efficient Stock Management for Faster Delivery


Benefits Of Good Universal Choke Cables

In your motorcycle, it’s imperative that the choke system and the choke cable works properly. The entire mechanism of the choke depends on a single wire. It ensures that your vehicle starts properly and runs smoothly while your engine is warming up. As the name suggests, they actually choke the entrance of fresh air into the carburetor from the air filter. Therefore, faulty or broken or weak or frayed choke cables should be replaced with a well-constructed and high-quality cable as and when required. Also, it is easy to replace a choke cable.

Please Note: Do not leave the choke activated for a long while driving as it consumes double the fuel when the choke is left open. Push the choke back inside as soon the purpose is fulfilled.

Why Can Silco Be Your Best Choice For Motorcycle Choke Cables?

  • Riding can be risky, if any; even the smallest part of your vehicle is not up-to-the-mark. Therefore, Silco goes beyond its limits to make your life and ride risk-free. All the cables we manufacture meet many layers of load tests before the final approval. We also spend a good amount of time in the research work for the quality of our products to meet the required set industry standards. 
  • All the motorcycle choke cables that we manufacture are as per OEM specifications and 100% load tested. 
  • We are an ISO 9001:2005 certified company.
  • We never compromise on the raw material we use. We use premium quality tested raw materials. 
  • To ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of the cables we manufacture, we inculcate the latest technology in our production process. Our methods, techniques, and processes are always under monitoring to upgrade wherever possible. 
  • Do not worry if you can’t find a choke cable for your motorbike in our catalog; let Silco design that for you. You can get custom choke cables made for yourself and get them delivered.
  • Silco has a presence across India with its dedicated network of more than 300 distributors and is also exporting to 4 continents worldwide.


With customer satisfaction and high-quality cables being our priority, Silco Cables has earned the title of the best manufacturer and supplier of Automotive control cables in India. We believe that the combination of safety and design is the heart of any machine. Be it a two-wheeler or three-wheeler, for all your vehicle’s cables and wires need, Trust Silco. If you wish to change your old and worn out choke cable, buy a manual choke cable from Silco today!


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